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The Muslim Jesus (ITV Documentary)

Jesus is considered to be a Messenger of God and the Messiah in Islam who was sent to guide the Children of Israel with a new scripture, the gospel. The belief that Jesus is a prophet is required in Islam, as it is for all prophets named in the Qur’an. This iTV documentary emphasizes the [...]

Misapprehending Muslims and the Media’s Misinformation

Misapprehending Muslims and the Media’s Misinformation Hasan Azad Doctoral candidate, Department of Religion, Columbia University My friend Sim is a strapping young man in his 20s. He is fitter than I could ever dream of becoming. Sim has run in the New York marathon for two years in a row, and hopes to run in [...]

Building of Muslim-Jewish ties brings hope for Mideast

Building of Muslim-Jewish ties brings hope for Mideast by Marc Schneier and Shamsi Ali NEW YORK (JTA) — The recent conflict in Gaza and Israel casts a vivid spotlight on the need to strengthen relations between Jews and Muslims in countries around the world. It is crucial if we are to avoid importing the [...]

Gaza and the Need for Muslim Activism in America

Gaza and the Need for Muslim Activism in America by Ethan Casey Huffington Post Galveston, Texas – I’d rather be telling you about my driving trip around America and promoting my next book, Home Free: A Real American Road Trip, but I feel compelled to say something about the appalling, and tiresomely predictable, subject of [...]

Malcolm and Me: What Malcolm X Means To Me and The Hip-Hop Generation

With Allah’s name the extremely and especially merciful, Today marks the 20th anniversary of the release Spike Lee’s masterpiece Malcolm X. Malcolm X is the most popular film about a Muslim in America. Umar Lee one of America’s most outspoken Muslims was gracious enough to allow us to crosspost his excellent article. ======================================================================================= From: [...]

In response to the anti-film violence erupting in the Middle East

From our beloved teacher Yaser Birjas: In response to the voilence erupted in Libya and Egypt and to the disorderly protest of the people there in the name of defending the honor of the Prophet s.a.a.w: وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ قَوْلًا مِّمَّن دَعَا إِلَى اللَّهِ وَعَمِلَ صَالِحًا وَقَالَ إِنَّنِي مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ “And who is better in speech [...]

American Muslim Leaders Condemn Attacks

American Muslim Leaders Condemn Attacks By LAURIE GOODSTEIN New York Times American Muslim leaders and organizations rushed on Wednesday to condemn the attacks on American diplomatic outposts in Libya and Egypt, issuing news releases and giving interviews that seemed aimed as much at an American audience as at Muslims overseas. Referring to the anti-Muslim video [...]

10 Myths About Muslims in the West

10 Myths About Muslims in the West by Doug Saunders, Huffington Post In my new book The Myth of the Muslim Tide, I chronicle the widespread misunderstanding of Muslim immigration to the West. As with Jews and Catholics before, I discuss that Muslims are being seen as an impossible-to-integrate, fast-reproducing invasion force who follow a [...]

5 Myths about Muslims in America

By Feisal Abdul Rauf The Washington Post April 1, 2011 1. American Muslims are foreigners. Islam was in America even before there was a United States. But Muslims didn’t peaceably emigrate — slave-traders brought them here. Historians estimate that up to 30 percent of enslaved blacks were Muslims. West African prince Abdul Rahman, freed by [...]

If the Sikh Temple Had Been a Mosque

By SAMUEL G. FREEDMAN August 10, 2012 New York Times During the 2008 presidential campaign, rumors proliferated that Barack Obama was a Muslim who had been indoctrinated into militant Islam during childhood studies in a madrassa. The fact that the Democratic candidate had been a prominent and visible member of a Protestant church in Chicago [...]

Islam Is…

Islam is much more than a formal religion: it is an integral way of life. In many ways it is a more a determining factor in the experience of its followers than any other world religion. The Muslim (“One who submits”) lives face to face with God at all times and will introduce no separation [...]

Top 25 Questions About Islam

1. Are there any other sacred sources? Yes, apart from the Holy Koran, Muslims consider the sunnah—practices, sayings, and tacit approvals of the Prophet (pbuh)— to be a sacred source of religious guidance. In fact, it is considered the second authoritative source in Islam. Fortunately, Sunnah is accessible to Muslims in forms of transmitted reports with chains [...]

Poll: Muslims, atheists most likely to reject violence

By Stephen C. Webster Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 New data from polling firm Gallup shows that out of all the religious groups in the U.S., Muslims are most likely to reject violence, followed by the non-religious atheists and agnostics. Through interviews with 2,482 Americans, Gallup found that 78 percent of Muslims believe violence which [...]

I don’t believe in Allah, but I believe in Jesus and YHWH

QUESTION: I am a christian. I believe Yoshua is my saviour and YHWH is my God. I do not believe Allah is my God, but I believe we may have common ground we can work on. Does that not make me an infidel whom you may kill? For I love all men with all my [...]

“One who sleeps while their neighbor is hungry, is not one of us.”

Society’s wellbeing was paramount to Muhammad who taught that all humans were entitled to the same rights and privileges. “People are as equal as the teeth of a comb,” he said, and he practised what he preached. Muhammad was a social activist of his time. He shook the underpinnings of the unjust society he lived [...]